If your child is a social networking addict, here is what you should do.


Nowadays, a lot of children and teenagers are spending almost all their time in front of screen. Obviously, it would be not inherently harmful when your children just want to keep in touch with their friends online or simply exchange their pictures, even a link of news. Everything becomes a warning when you let the line between your child’s virtual world and social reality blurred. As a consequence, their real world experiences would be taken and they also suffer from some psychology problems such as self-esteem issues. In addition, their connections with school, family could be damaged seriously. And the question is that what parents should do to deal with it effectively. We are not powerless as we thought  and here are some simple and useful practices that parents are able to conduct to pull out children of social Internet working.

Display your concern


Instead of condemning your child, it would be better when you can give your child a signal of your love and care in which you remind him or her that  you always keep eyes on his/ her happiness as well as anger. Don’t let your child have a feeling of loneliness when they come home since an acquaintance is absolutely different from family relationship. Trying to remain an ongoing conversation with your child regularly would be a good way to transfer what you want to warn your child about his/ her online world that he/she involved.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to remind your child that you are concerning about some of the changes from your child such as his/ her lower mark at school, giving up hobbies, ignorance of some vital social skills,… Tell him or her that you would be very happy if you could know more about the amount of time that he/she can spends online each day and the internet activities they often engaged in as well.

Become a kind of techie

In some circumstances, you have no choice but checking your child’s hidden folder, history of his/ her online activities, installing an invisible program in order to prevent him/her from bad sites and make web safer to your kid. Training yourself  to be familiar with computer term and get used to it is very important. It would help you not only to protect your child but you can, at least, have an idea of what your child did online.  Let’s have a glance at some technology tutorial with an excitement and learn it to be closer to your child.

Establish reasonable rules

A lion’s share of parents react with the news of their children’s addiction by anger, mad, sadness when they realize their children’s sign of Networking addiction. Some also take the computer away from their children as a form of punishment and believe that it is the only way to get rid of the problem. Actually, these approaches make your children think that they are too bad and useless, some of them might even consider their parents as the enemy. In stead of being furious easily, we need to set up the rules about gadget use of our children and seriously keep on track with those rules in order to guarantee that no consequences can happen because our rules are not implemented. An hour of using Internet per day after homework time is a reasonable and clear limitation to manage the Internet usage of your children. In the worst case scenario, you need to locate  your child’s personal computer in your own room to restrict your child to Internet working addiction when they don’t have many chances to use computer.

In conclusion, the role of parents in the age of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Snapchat is to be aware of dangers of social networking and not keep your child away from our real society by involving  yourself  into your kid’s illusion world created by the social media. On the one hand, we need to respect privacy of our children, on the other hand, we still maintaining our concern to their issues.

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