Car battery tips: How to start a car with starting cables

Your first instinct is most likely to think that this is the car battery when your car doesn’t work. Here are some things to check before declaring the battery as the main culprit.

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Is that the battery?

Check the headlights work. If they plan a dim light, it is probably the battery. If everything seems normal, then the battery is fine.

Turn on the ignition and test the radio. If you get nothing, that’s not the battery’s fault.

Now try to start the car. If you feel jolts even though the vehicle has not started, your battery is probably discharged. If all goes well, the battery is not flat, and this article will be of little utility (well, read it anyway, it can always serve you). [Read more…]

Medicinal properties and uses of castor oil

Castor oil, which is obtained from the species Ricinus communis, is quite controversial because some say oil has a significant toxic potential. It is the reason that increasingly costs more to find in pharmacies or specialized stores for internal use, as it is becoming quite a bad reputation. However, it is an oil that has many different properties and uses more conventional. What is castor oil good for? Discover them all below.

Also called castor oil is very beneficial in external applications such as health hair, eyelashes, eyebrows or nails. If you wonder what use castor oil and what are their properties, I suggest you keep reading the article. [Read more…]