Examining The Aging Eye

Without a doubt, vision is the function we use most in relating to our environment. Of the many nerve fibers transmitting information to the brain, nearly 40% are inside the two optic nerves which connect the eyes to the brain.

In addition, almost all higher cerebral functions connect with the part of the brain that serves vision. If you hear a sound, you turn to look for its source. If you notice a fragrance, you look for its origin. If someone touches you on the shoulder, you look at the person, and of course, if you note an object in your peripheral field, you move your eyes to look directly at the object.

So the changes in the eye caused by aging are especially important. The chart on pages 4-5 will help you review the physical details. Here are common problems, and how to tell the expected signs of aging from the serious symptoms of a medical problem. Continue reading

Sperm Banks – the Genetic Shopping Malls

Donor eggs and designer sperms are out for sale. Possibly sperms may not be on our shopping list but sure for many it may be the most important deal ever. Worth its weight in gold, sperm is becoming a big business. The need and necessity of a sperm bank is fast catching on us.

Who goes to Sperm Banks?

In pursuit of career, fathering a child or even marriage takes a back seat for Rohit. By the time he prepares himself for the family, it may be too late. He banks on the idea of storing his healthy sperms for future use.

Mohit is suffering from cancer and is about to step in for chemotherapy which may impair his sperm production or quality. Mohit decides to store some sperm before the treatment commences.

John is out there in Iraq fighting the US war. War is not simply about life and death. It also includes the risk of becoming infertile and impotent after handling those toxic weapons or being isolated to sub human conditions . John and his colleagues, before leaving for Iraq, opt for semen storage.

Mr. X and Mrs Y are childless couple. Diagnosis reveals that Mr.X is suffering from severely impaired semen parameters (impotent, low sperm count, poor sperm mobility) which can’t be improved. The couple decides to buy some sperm. Miss G has decided to remain single after sharing the shock of her sister Mrs.K fighting the marital battle for five years and finally the divorce. Continue reading

What are the Some Benefits of Best Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy is considered as the loveliest phase of woman’s life and the most uncomfortable one. The majority of the expecting mothers find it quite hard to get a sound and peaceful night’s sleep with constant changes in their entire bodies and growing bump. Few of them even begin suffering from leg cramps and back pain, which make it quite difficult to get a comfortable & suitable sleeping or resting position.

An ideal solution for all those expecting mothers is using the best pregnancy pillow. It is vital to note that pregnancy pillows are large pillows, which are obtainable in several shapes and sizes for instance bean-shaped, u-shaped, the wedge and many others.

Even though each kind of pregnancy pillow offers different advantages, however it is said that pregnancy pillows are extra comfortable for several expecting moms in order to help all of them to sleep quite well and remain fresh.

Additionally, best pregnancy pillow will offer support for the baby bump, legs, shoulder and neck in fact the entire body of the baby. These pillows are particularly designed to assist the expecting mothers to sleep in the half fetal position, which is considered as the perfect sleeping position specifically for all those who are suffering from neck and back pains. Continue reading

Growing Amidst Toxins and Poisons

In the recent past millions of toys have been recalled globally because of the alarming level of toxic chemicals permeating into the colorful toys. But toys are simply the tip of the conglomerate called “toxic world”. With more than 70,000 synthetic chemicals at our disposal, we can imagine the potential risk that we face as adults. The plight of children is best left to the imagination. Their life begins with mother’s breast milk and baby food which is no less a repository of toxins ! It should be a matter of concern for everyone and particularly parents need to steer his child’s growth and development amidst utmost care and caution.

Despite so much of hue and cry, we still find shops selling dangerous toys that pose risks to children. Unfortunately, our children are paying the price for the failure of the government to take action on toys laced with chemicals. People are worried about long-term exposure to ‘Phthalates’ that comes in everything from cosmetics to toys. Phthalates are not bonded to the plastic and this means it can leach out of it overtime and reach the children’s mouth. There are several phthalates that may be used in PVC but the most common are diethyl hexyl phthalate(DEHP), di-dodecyl phthalate(DIDP). Specifically, they are concerned about diisononyl phthalate or DINP that goes in making of products such as teething rings and soft squeeze toys. Continue reading

Climate control heats up

With the arrival of the spring Car Care promotional season, chain executives around the country are generally optimistic about the sale of climate control products.

In a category that is buoyed by perennial good sellers such as thermostats and freon products, retailers are looking to the big-ticket, highly promotional items for increased sales and profits.

Leading this category of climate control-related products are window louvers and sunroofs. Chain buyers from the deep south to the Pacific Northwest say that sales of these items will be on the rise this year. But just how well these lines will do seems to depend on two key factors: how well they are promoted; and how well-stocked are the stores that carry them. Continue reading

Breathtaking workouts

Athletes with asthma can still turn in top performances.

In high school, Kathy Button won 15 varsity letters for field hockey, volleyball and tennis. She also helped guide her basketball team to 33 consecutive wins. Later, at Princeton University, Button starred in field hockey and lacrosse and competed in intramural tennis, squash and basketball.

Almost no one knew she played with a chronic illness. Even now, many of Button’s friends don’t realize that she has had asthma since she was 4 years old and takes medication daily to minimize its effects. “I love to work out and I don’t let asthma hold me back,” says Button, 33.


Asthma, a chronic disease that constricts the bronchial tubes (breathing passages), affects an estimated 11 million Americans. It can strike at any time, causing even the most fit person to wheeze, cough and gasp for breath as her air tubes suddenly become clogged with mucus. Without proper medical attention, asthma can be severely debilitating, and in some cases, fatal. Continue reading