Why Single Speed Bikes are all about a Fun Ride according to Single Speed Bikes Reviews of Sport Loving?

Before starting the article, I would like to ask that did cyclists know that there are huge numbers of the matchless reasons for riding a single speed bike even now days. For example, single speed bikes are quite simple as compare to fixed gear bikes. Moreover, according to the single speed bike reviews, these bikes are also affordable & extremely light as compare to customary fixed gear bike.

Beside this, guides love single speed bikes due to their single-minded and simple design. It looks like travelers are also getting rid of their fixed gear bikes for the path motivated, gear free and derailleur free bikes.

It is important to note that single speed bikes have only single chain ring at pedals & single ring on the back wheel. Thus, with no gear to alter it is extremely simple and easy to ride & handle a single speed bike.

Unexpectedly, single speed bikes are also considered a more entertaining way in order to ride as best say the traditionalists who like to ride single speed bikes. Nevertheless, single speed bike has its own limitations as cyclist only has a single gear ratio while riding a bike.  It can become rather an exercise particularly if he is used to ride with numerous speed bikes. Continue reading

Protect your eyes: while improving your game

It is no secret that golfers do not like to wear sunglasses while playing a round of golf. Wearing certain types of sunglasses while playing can distort your vision, your distance and depth judgment and if that putt is worth millions, odds are, a bit of squinting is worth it. But is it? Squinting, headaches and fatigue from glare, are just a few of the symptoms that golfers begin to encountered by that 9th or 10th hole after a few hours in the sun without the use of eyewear protection.

So how is one’s golf game affected when they begin to feel the effects of not wearing sunglasses while being outside for several hours? Well, in layman’s terms, it begins a vicious cycle that usually begins towards the end of one’s round and goes something like this … glare, leads to fatigue, leads to “sloppy golf ” and “sloppy golf ” leads to frustration and so on. … resulting in negativity in your mental game and so on and so on … Continue reading

Head and Neck Injuries in Sports

Many people are interested in some adventure sports such as motorbike racing, cycling, zip lines… However, these sports can cause bad injuries if you don’t know how to protect your body especially in head and neck. Motorcycle helmets and bicycle safety helmets must adhere to specific technical requirements in order to provide protection. The qualification of the safety helmet to the basic technical requirements insures protection to the covered integument as well as prevention of a class of contact injuries including skull fractures and intracranial injuries. In addition, the qualified safety helmet is shown to prevent or reduce most of a class of inertial injuries. Hence, you need to know how to choose the best motorcycle helmets from variety of motorcycle helmet brands to protect not only your head but also your neck.

What are head and neck injuries

Your muscles and ligaments of your neck will be put a plenty of wear and tear on when playing sports regularly. Head injuries, neck injuries, strains and sprains can be caused by muscle strain or tension at your head or shoulder. When your head forward or backward were suffered a high-speed blow, your neck can be put a force on it. Hyperextension is a phenomenon when the neck is flung backward past its normal limits while hyperflexion is a phenomenon when the neck is flung forward beyond its normal limits. Over movements may cause some head and neck injuries including tear ligaments, sprain and strain, burner or stinger… Continue reading

Clean your chain, gang

I am fairly adamant about two things: a clean house and a clean bike. During my 10-year professional mountain-bike racing career when I often spent more hours on my saddle than I did in my bed I learned what every pro knows: A clean bike is a fast bike. I also learned that cleaning a bike is not only simple but meditative, relaxing and instantly rewarding, kind of like doing the dishes.

In exchange for a little time and a pair of dirty hands, proper bike cleaning and care not only give you a smoother ride, they also save you money in bike parts and give you confidence in your equipment and, ultimately, your riding. When grit and grime contaminate the chain, for example, wear develops in its pins and bushings, causing “stretch.” When the chain has stretched it doesn’t fall onto the gears evenly, resulting in uneven wear on the gears and a skipping or man shifting chain something that’s sure to leave you sucking your riding partners’ dust, particularly on climbs. Continue reading