One in every seven people on Earth uses Facebook, which means there is now 1 billion Facebook user. In ten years worth, the network has changed the human perception on relationships, business, privacy, media, among many things else.


1.    We are more open about privacy

Most young people are willing to give their personal details over the Internet. 91 percent of them post their own photos – selfies, 71 percent of them post where they live, 50 percent gives out their email addresses and 20 percent publish their telephone numbers. [Read more…]


As wonderful as it might be, the Internet can also be hazardous for kids.

Children use them to play interactive games, research for reports and communicate to other kids. As long as one can wipe the screen, he or she can access to the Internet world.

Everything is safe until the searching browser is turned on. For example, a kid 7-year-old may search for “LEGO”, but accidentally insert “LEGS” into the search bar instead. This child may be directed to an amount of web pages with pornographic materials.


It is important to be aware of what your children see or hear on the Internet, as well as what they share about personal life online. It is wise to talk to kids beforehand about your concerns and take advantage of resources to protect their innocence. [Read more…]